Logo Design

A logo design is the face of your Corporate Identity. A Font Logo or graphic logo can dictate the requisite look and feel your company merits in the minds of your potential customers. A logo design will enhance the confidence of your customers on the brand & services.

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Brand Name is a measured, well integrated message, a story and a concept, the connection transformed into absolute collection of knowledge. Your brand is your core value in a way you interact with your customers and society to modify, form and enhance the image of your Corporate.

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TM registration

"A great trademark is appropriate, dynamic, distinctive, menorable & unique." - Primo Angeli

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Web Design

Business of any size and nature needs a professional Website Services like never before. We are a Website Design Company providing quality Professional Website Design for your business at reasonable price within your budget. We can handle everything under one roof.

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Branding, Corporate identity Brand logo, Corporate stationery ,brochure and marketing promotional design, in Chennai , Tamilnadu, India

The word brand design surely embraces the company logo and the full visual status created by a solid brand identity. It is a challenge to Create a brand logo design that is easy to perceive still varies based on the form.. The elements that can consist of branding and design could be colors, fonts and imagery.

Ultimately Design brand is a combination of how it is defined and promoted and also how others determine and view it.

India has ever growing middle class population of over 350 millions and the brand awareness is also wide spread among them thanks to electronic & internet media. In these modern times, branding has become a mighty and intangible asset of any company to make a mark in this ever growing competitive business world .

Branding or Design Brand is the most effective marketing function that calls for the dominance in the corporate strategy.

3rdeye logo as brand design agency cherishes the following features while creating a brand:

Audience Knowledge:

Appreciating the target market is crucial because it give direction for the feeling and reach of a marketing campaign. This will enable to get overall brand identity and create an organic human connection with the target audience.

Passion :

It is possible to build a brand with passion to sustain on long run committed passion is required. That kind of passion alone keeps propelling and enables to deliver greatness. That passion leads to exuberance and true infectious joy.


Uniqueness in branding means to have a special thing that seprates it from the crowd. Creating a brand identity within a niche does not call for a radical thought instead a simple meaning positioning is enough.


When consumers repeat sales, it is natural for them to expect the same level of quality. Hence to sustain the brand image consistency is the hall mark of success!
At 3rdeyelogo we cherish these characteristics in every BRAND building assignment.